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I'm Danger. Stoney in Seattle. Anarchist with a heart too big to hold on to myself. Im obsessed with food. I have a passion for sarcasm and I'm great at ruining things. I'm just a 21 year old young lady trying to figure out how to be a woman. I love most of everything, but some shit I can't stand. I adore music. I listen to just about everything. I tend to complain about shit nobody cares about. Police Crawlin' On My Nuts

Ask me stuff?
Send me a weird message?
Tell me I’m ugly?


Out of my mind. Lets talk about getting stoned and then get stoned?


Please provide me with questions or what have you, for I am extremely bored and feeling social. Sort of.


Anything at all I’m bored and can’t sleep.

And I just want someone to talk to and have a real conversation.

Please? Fix the faded babble syndrom.
Kik: DangerRevolt

Let the questions begin?

Even though I never get anything.

Anon is on


I’m bored.
Ask questions?
Kik me?

Anyone down for honesty hour?
I’m bored and like questions

I look retarded right now, but ask me how many fucks I give.

I look retarded right now, but ask me how many fucks I give.

Lets talk?
Kik: DangerRevolt

So I’m posting from my phone, bored and unable to sleep. Someone talk to me? Or text? Or anything at all?
DangerRevolt is the screen name on everything.

Let’s talk about the universe.

Now I’m faded and bored and wishing for someone to talk to.

Anyone wanna talk or ask shit

Kik: DangerRevolt

Or if needed, you can even text me.

Fuck it lol